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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Partners in Faith (TV-G) Christian believers partner together monthly to invest gifts into the lives of the lost and last with the message of Jesus Christ.
Dr. Sumrall Teaching Endowment Special (TV-G) The popularity of Dr. Lester Sumrall's teachings based on the bible are discussed, and tries to get support through a group of donors called Endowment Partners.
The Place for Miracles with Richard Roberts Richard and Lindsay Roberts reach out to the church's international community through the teaching of biblical lessons, prayer and testimonies of miracles.
Making Healthy Choices (TV-G) Health expert and host Maureen Salaman presents special teachings on nutrition and provides practical information on alternative health treatments.
Partners in Faith Prayerline Special (TV-G) The significance of the 24/7 ran Prayerline with historical evidence is discussed, and seeks help from donors called Partners-in-Faith at $25 or $83 per month.
Highway to Heaven The Good Doctor (TV-PG) Jonathan and Mark begin working for a football team and try helping a player who is worried he might be cut so he takes pills in order to boost his performance.
America Now (Repeat, TV-G) The rising trend of criminals stealing the identities of children; product testing the "Lint Lizard"; breathalyzers in bars; tips on crushing salt cravings.
Tailfins & Chrome (TV-G) Host Jake Jacobs travels across the country to uncover stories from the world of automobiles, vehicle restoration and car collecting.
Sgt. Preston
Lassie (TV-G) A daring, resourceful and remarkably intelligent collie and her human friends triumph over adversity and form an ever-increasing bond of love and trust.
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