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Your Health Matters with Doug Kaufmann Doug presents ideas for increasing the status of health, from strategies that can be used to promote overall well-being to instructions for particular ailments.
Highway to Heaven (TV-PG) An angel is sent to Earth, where he meets an embittered cop and together they agree to bring love, understanding and hope to a troubled world.
Little House on the Prairie I Remember, I Remember (TV-G) On the Ingalls' anniversary Caroline tells the girls about her courtship as they wait for Charles, but he is stranded miles away with a broken wagon wheel.
Roy Rogers Show (TV-G) Roy Rogers leads the life of a ranch owner who joined forces with other Western heroes who fight to protect the weak and defenseless.
The Lone Ranger The Swami (TV-Y7) When an aging prospector encounters a traveling swami with a unique business, he is fooled into signing over his entire life's savings to the traveler.
Highway to Heaven Popcorn, Peanuts and CrackerJacks (TV-PG) Jonathan and Mark decide to help out a baseball team that has never won a game; the heavenly duo encounters an unfortunate food vendor.
It's a Joke Son (NR, **+) A bombastic southern senator is having financial troubles, and when his wife decides to run for state senator, political crooks pressure him to run against her.
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